Worstsellers, Bestsellers & Worstsellers Categories and Custom Reports


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This module includes the following reports to Magento:

  • Worstsellers: list the worstsellers products (viewed the most, purchased the least)
  • Products ordered by customer groups: list the products ordered by customer groups
  • Bestsellers categories: list the categories which sold the most
  • Worstsellers categories: list the categories which have been viewed the most but sold the least.
  • Lifetime sales: list of the customers who purchased the most over the time.
  • No Upsells: list the products with no upsells
  • Shopped Once: list the customers who shopped once and only once
  • Signed Up No Order: list the people who subscribed to the newsletter but never ordered
  • Wishlist: list the wishlists that have been created

With this extension, you can improve your marketing and your shop management by looking at data which are not provided with the default Magento installation.

Each report includes an Export to CSV/Excel feature.

Access the reports

  • Worstsellers: under Reports > Products > Worstsellers
  • Products ordered by customer groups: under Reports > Products > Products ordered by customer groups
  • Bestsellers categories: under Reports > Categories > Bestsellers
  • Worstsellers categories: under Reports > Categories > Worstsellers
  • Lifetime sales: under Reports > Customers > Lifetime Sales
  • No Upsells: under Reports > Products > No Upsells
  • Shopped Once: under Reports > Customers > Shopped Once And Never Again
  • Signed Up No Order: under Reports > Customers > Signed Up And Never Order
  • Wishlist: under Reports > Wishlist

Nota Bene regarding the category reports

Please note that the data displayed by these reports may not be totally accurate for the following reasons:

  • A product can be moved to a different category after an order has been placed.
  • A category can be deleted.
  • A product can be in more than one category.

Thus, if a product is in several categories, it will be counted as a sale for all of these categories.

Additional Information

Version 0.2.0
Release Notes 0.2.0

- Added a new report: products ordered by customer groups


- Add database table prefix to the wishlist report.


- Modify the admin route regarding Magento patch SUPEE-6788


- Add _isAllowed method to backend controllers to handle ACL permissions properly.


- Fix bug on the No Upsells report

- Fix bug on the Signed Up But Never Order report

- Fix bug on the Wishlist report

- PHPDoc


- Remove pagination and filter from worstsellers, category bestsellers and category worstsellers report.

- Remove useless code


- Use collections instead of loading product to speed up the system


- Improve memory management when dealing with large collection for all reports. 30% memory use decrease.

- Fix a bug where people were unable to set dates for the wishlist report.


- Improve memory management when dealing with large susbcribers collection.


- Fix wrong image path


- Bug fixes


- Original release

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