Birthday Coupon



This module automatically sends coupon code to your customers on their birthday. It comes with a lot of options listed above so the administrator can ensure the generated coupon fits the store needs.


Emails Design

In the backend, access System > Transactional Emails

  • Click on the "Add New Template" button
  • Under the "Load Default Template" section, choose "Birthday Coupon Template" for Template and "English (United States)" for Locale
  • Click the "Load Template" button and design your "Birthday Coupon" email to match with your store emails.

Module Configuration

Access the module configuration under System > Configuration > Digital Pianism > Birthday Coupon Email

  • Enable Birthday Gift Emails: set this to Yes to enable the module.
  • Sender Name: name of the email sender
  • Sender Email: email of the email sender
  • Email Template: here you have to choose the email template you created previously for the "Birthday Coupon" email.
  • Customer Groups Restriction: here you have to specify to which customer groups should your coupon be applied.
  • Coupon Prefix: this field is not required, you can use it to specify a prefix to the randomly generated coupon so you will be able to find the coupon generated by the module easily in the coupons list.
  • Coupon Value: quite explicit, it is the value of the coupon.
  • Coupon Type: here you can choose whether you want a "percent of product price discount" coupon or a "fixed amount discount for whole cart" coupon.
  • Number of uses per coupon
  • Number of uses per customer
  • Valid for (days): the number of days the coupon will be valid for.
  • Dry Run: only for testing purpose, setting this parameter to yes will log the emails supposed to be sent in the /var/log/digitalpianism_birthday.log file and will not send the email notifications.
  • Test email: only works with dry run, providing a test email can be used with the send button to only send notifications to the customer with this email address.
  • Send button: clicking this button will manually send the birthday coupon email notifications. This can be use with dry run set to Yes and with a test email to test the extension. For some information to be logged clicking this button, you will have to ensure that test customer birthday is today.
  • Cron Schedule: for experimented cron users only, here you can change the cron schedule. By default it is set to run every night at 1AM. Use this setting carefully

Email Variables

The following variables are being used in the email templates that come with the extension.

  • {{var fullname}} : full name of the customer
  • {{var firstname}} : first name of the customer
  • {{var bday_code}}: coupon code to use in cart
  • {{var valid_for}}: number of days the coupon will be valid for

Additional Information

Version 0.4.0
Release Notes 0.4.1

- Fix a minor bug where the send action of the backend would not behave as expected


- New feature: the module now ensures the customer has not received a coupon this year, to avoid people abusing the software and generating unlimited coupons over the year.
- Fix a bug where the customer group limitation would break.
- Change control access in the observer.


- Add _isAllowed method to the controller to improve security (see patch 6285)


- Modify the admin route regarding Magento patch SUPEE-6788


- Original release

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