Campaign Monitor Integration API V3 (featuring OAuth 2)




This extension is entirely based on the Fontis Campaign Monitor extension, except it uses the Campaign Monitor API V3 instead of V2.

The other difference with the original module is the OAuth authentication is now supported.

Campaign Monitor is built for designers who can create great looking emails for themselves and their clients, but need software to send each campaign, track the results and manage their subscribers."

This extension integrates Magento with the Campaign Monitor mailing list manager. Users are added to a specified Campaign Monitor email list when they subscribe to the newsletter in Magento, and removed when they unsubscribe. Users are also marked as unsubscribed in Magento when they click an unsubscribe link in a Campaign Monitor email.


NOTE: This extension requires SOAP extension support in PHP.

Once the module is installed, go to System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Newsletter in the Magento admin interface.

Enter your Campaign Monitor API key and the List ID of the list that subscribers will be added to.
To find your Campaign Monitor API Client ID:

  1. Log in to Campaign Monitor
  2. Select the client you want to use
  3. Click Client Settings in the top right
  4. Copy the API Client ID value

To find your Campaign Monitor API Subscriber List ID:

  1. Log in to Campaign Monitor
  2. Select the client you want to use
  3. Click Manage Subscribers
  4. Select the subscriber list you want to use
  5. Click edit list name/type to the right of the list title
  6. Copy the API Subscriber List ID value, found at the bottom of the page

To correctly handle unsubscribe actions from users clicking unsubscribe links in emails, go to Unsubscribe Options on the Manage Subscriber List page in Campaign Monitor for the list you specified in Magento. In the 'Redirect unsubscribers to your own confirmation page' section, enter:


For example, if your Magento site's URL is, you would enter:[email]

Once you save this setting, users that click a Campaign Monitor email unsubscribe link will be redirected to your Magento site after being unsubscribed, which allows Magento to mark them as unsubscribed to the newsletter.

Optional: The Fontis Campaign Monitor module allows you to select Magento customer attributes that will be used to fill out custom fields in your Campaign Monitor list. To view the custom fields in your Campaign Monitor list, or to add new ones, select the subscriber list you want to edit and then select 'Custom fields' from the 'Manage list' section on the right toolbar:

To link Magento attributes to these fields, click the 'Add linked attribute' button in the 'Attributes to pass to Campaign Monitor' section of the Campaign Monitor Settings area in the Magento backend. This will add a new row, consisting of a drop-down list showing the available Magento attributes and a text field for the Campaign Monitor custom field personalisation tag. To add a linked attribute:

  1. Select the Magento attribute you want to link from the drop-down list box.
  2. Enter the Campaign Monitor custom field personalisation tag in the text field next to the drop-down. These tags can be found in the 'Custom fields' section in Campaign Monitor (see above). Note that you must remove the ,fallback= text from the personalisation tag or the field will not link correctly. The personalisation tag should look like the field name enclosed in square brackets.

You can link more attributes by clicking the 'Add linked attribute' button again to add more rows.

Additional Information

Version 0.8.0
Release Notes 0.8.0

- Added subscription to Campaign Monitor via account creation checkbox.


- Add _isAllowed method to the controller to improve security (see patch 6285)


- Modify the admin route regarding Magento patch SUPEE-6788


- Fix a bug where the System > Configuration > Newsletter menu would break when compilation is enabled.


- Improvements


- Update the createsend library to fix the "include(Services/JSON.php): failed to open stream" error.


- Bug fixes regarding errors and sessions.

- Remove unused variables.

- PHPDoc.


- Fix bugs with the unsubscribe controller (thanks to Brent for finding the bug)

- Fix bugs with the massUnsubscribe backend controller.

- Future release will include a subscribe on checkout feature.


- Use a different admin router name to avoid confusion between frontend and backend controllers.


- Bug fix.


- Bug Fix


- Added OAuth 2 authentication support.


- Original release based on Fontis CampaignMonitor

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