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A demo store is available here: Digital Pianism Demo

To access the backend demo, please follow this link: Digital Pianism Backend Demo


This module has been developped to help manager deal with the category banner images.

We have noticed in the past that the process of managing those images can be painful sometimes and we decided to develop a module to improve the way it's done.

With this module you will have a new grid available from where you will be able to create category banner images.

Compared to the original Magento system, here are the improvements:

  • Possibility to create automatic banners that get displayed at a specific date.
  • Possibility to add a link on your images
  • Possibility to set an image to be displayed on all the child categories
  • Mass deletion / status change of category images
  • Faster management as you won't need to load the entire category tree everytime you want to add a new picture


Once installed, you will have a new menu available in your backend called Digital Pianism > Category Banners

From this menu, you can either:

  • Add a new category image through the "Add a Banner" menu item
  • See all the current category images through the "Banners" menu item

Under System > Configuration > Digital Pianism > Category Banners, you will find the following option

  • Cron Schedule: here you can set the cron schedule configuration. It is set to 1 AM every night by default. The cron is used to enable/disable automatic category images. As the automatic dates are not using the time (only the days) we recommend keeping that field to a night time so automatic banners get displayed when the traffic on your website is low.
  • Override Original Magento Category Images: if set to No, the module will still display the category images that have been created through the original Magento category management page. If set to Yes, the categories with a category image created via our module AND a category image created by the original Magento setup, only the image created by our module will be displayed.
  • Custom CSS: here you can set custom css rules if you want to change the design of the banners without changing the CSS files.

Create a category image

To create a category image go to Digital Pianism > Category Banners > Add a Banner, you will have to fill the following form:

  • Choose a Category: here you can pick the category you want to add an image to. The number between ( and ) is the category ID.
  • Image: here you can upload your category image from your computer
  • Alternative text image: this text field will set up the alt attribute of your image
  • URL: here you can set a link on your image
  • Status: three choices are offered to you here. Enabled, Disabled and Automatic.
  • If you choose Automatic to the status field, two extra field will show to set up the start and end date of the category image
  • Display on Children: if set to Yes, the image will be displayed for the category chosen and all its children categories.

Category Image Grid

To see all the previously created category images go to Digital Pianism > Category Banners > Banners

The grid displays the following fields:

  • Banner ID
  • Category ID
  • Category Image
  • Alternative Text
  • URL
  • Status
  • Display on Children
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Created At
  • Updated At

From this grid, you can use the massaction dropdown to mass delete category images or mass change statuses. For the last action, if you mass set statuses to Automatic you will have to manually add the start / end dates to the category images you change.

Additional Information

Version 0.1.9
Release Notes 0.1.9

- Minor bug fixes


- Use proper field dependencies mapping instead of JavaScript


- Fix a bug where the cron would fail.


- Fix a bug where the mass status update in the grid would not work.

- Fix a bug where error would appear in the log.


- Modify the admin route regarding Magento patch SUPEE-6788


- Improvements


- Original release

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