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A demo store is available here: Digital Pianism Demo

To access the backend demo, please follow this link: Digital Pianism Backend Demo


This extension has been developped in order to make Magento content manager's life easier, by letting them add and manage images homepages in a new way.

With over 60 different layouts, multiple homepages support and responsiveness, any manager can easily add a nice images grid or/and an image slider to their Magento homepage without having to deal with the WYSIWYG editor nor HTML code, the module does the magic for you.

We know sometimes the Magento CMS pages can be hard to deal with when it comes to homepage content management.

In order to improve Magento users ability to manage their homepages,let us introduce the Homepage Image and Slider Manager

Key Features

  • Add as many homepages as you want
  • 66 different layouts available including 24 sliders layouts
  • Automatic homepages that enable/disable automatically on specific dates
  • Fully responsive
  • Rollover images
  • Store specific homepages
  • Theme specific homepages (useful when using a different theme for mobile


Click on Digital Pianism > Home Pages > Configuration to access the module configuration

  • Enable: set it to Yes to enable the module
  • Position: choose whether you want to display your homages before or after the original Magento homepage content
  • Cron Schedule: here you can change the cron schedule
  • Allowed themes: if you want to use theme specific themes and you have a lot of themes, you can limit the number of themes to be displayed when creating a homepage here
  • Enable jQuery: depending on your existing store design, you may want to disable that one to avoid adding jQuery if you already have it

Save your configuration and you're done.

Add a homepage

Click on Digital Pianism > Home Pages > Add a Home Page

Homepage Details

First step is to specify the homepage details

  • Number of pictures to display: up to 5 (if you need to display more, simply create more homepages)
  • Do you want a picture slider

Once you've choosen the details, click on Choose Layout

Homepage Layout

Now, you have to pick a layout by clicking on it on the grid displayed, more than 60 layouts are available but if you need a specific layout, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can work something out

Then click on Continue

Homepage Information

Here is the main step, you have to configure your homepage information

General Information tab

  • Title: name of your homepage, this won't be displayed on the frontend but it will help you identify your homepages in the grid
  • Status: Enabled, Disabled or Automatic. Automatic homepages will only be displayed/hidden overnight via the cronjob
  • (Only for Automatic homepages) Start Date: date when the homepage will start being displayed
  • (Only for Automatic homepages) End Date: date when the homepage will stop being displayed
  • Number of pictures and slider: those are frozen field based on what you specified in the previous step, see the "Media tab" chapter to change those values
  • Sort Order: when you display several homepages on the same store, you change their position here
  • Theme: here you have to choose for which theme you want to display this homepage.

Store Tab

In this tab, you can choose for which store you want to display your homepage

Media Tab

This is probably the most important part of the homepage creation, this is the place where you are going to add images

Layout: here you have a preview of the layout you chose before and also a button where you can change the layout by clicking on it (without loosing the images you already uploaded)

Important note: please ensure that the TOTAL height of the vertical images are equal to get a nice rendering.

Then you will have one fieldset per image you have to provided. The number of the fieldset matches the number displayed in the layout preview.

  • Homepage Image: here you can upload the homepage image
  • Homepage Over Image: if you want to add a rollover image to the previous image, you can upload it here
  • Homepage Image Link: here you have to specify a link where the users will be redirected when clicking on your image
  • Homepage Image Title: this value will set the alt attribute of your image
  • Homepage Link in a new tab: if you set this value to Yes, the link clicked will be displayed in a new tab

Design Tab

Here you can specifiy some custom CSS for your homepage in case you want to do minor modifications or don't have access to the files

If you have a picture slider, the following fields will also be displayed

  • Slider speed: 1,2,3,5 or 10 seconds between transitions
  • Slider Navigation Style: here you have the choice between 19 different navigation styles
  • Slider Pagination Style: here you have the choice between 15 different pagination styles

It is now time to save your homepage

Manage Homepages

Access Digital Pianism > Home Pages > Manage Home Pages

There is several things you can do here:

  • Preview Store Homepage: quite self explanatory. If you're using a multistore Magento, you will have to select a store view before clicking on this button
  • Mass Delete homepages
  • Mass Status Changes
  • Preview one single homepage: compared to the "Preview Store Homepage" button that preview every homepages for one specific store, this one preview one single homepage at a time

Additional Information

Version 2.3.0
Release Notes 2.3.0

- Original release

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