This module provides an integration for the french Wall2time clock manufacturer. It lets you import products from Wall2time and sell them directly on your store


Add hundreds of products (with personalisations) in a few clicks (images, price, text, etc...) without knowledge required. You will thus be able to increase the size of the catalog products you offer to your customers.

Also step ahead of your competitors by offering customizable products on your store with a very easy to use tool that will let your customers build a custom clock.

You will retrieve the products automatically in your catalog, getting benefits from a french manufacturer that will ship the products for you quickly with no restriction. Also get the new products without effort.

No subscription fee to sell Wall2time products. The service is entirely free for users of this module.

To summarize, you sell, you make money and if you don't sell, it does not cost you a single cent!


Access System > Configuration > Digital Pianism > Wall 2 Time

  • Affiliate id: provided by Wall2time
  • Wall2time key: provided by Wall2time
  • Iframe width: in pixels. Default value matches the optimal size for the native default/default Magento theme
  • Iframe height: same as the width
  • Tax Class to be applied on the imported products
  • Product Status to be applied on the imported products
  • Attribut set to be applied on the imported products
  • Product category where the products will be imported. If none is selected, products will still be viewable via the search
  • Debug enable: recommended to leave that one to No, useful for developers to debug if a problem occurs

Don't forget to save the configuration

Wall2time Synchronization

Access Digital Pianism > Wall2time

Click on the "Synchronize with Wall 2 Time" button to retrieve the Wall2time catalog of products. Please note that products are not yet imported to Magento, you can now choose which products you want to import to Magento

List of grid columns

  • State: green circle if the product has been imported to Magento, red if not in your store yet
  • Product Id: the id of the product on Wall2time's side
  • Name of the product
  • Description of the product
  • Selling price: the price displayed on your store
  • Buying price: manufacturer suggested retail price (msrp attribute)
  • Product Page: clicking this link will lead you to the product iframe
  • Product image

Import the products to Magento

Now that your store is synchronized with Wall2time, you can start importing products.

To do so, still in the Wall2time Manager, use the checkboxes in the first column of the grid to select the products you want to import. You can also click "Select All" if you want to import all products

Then in the mass actions dropdown, select "Import to Magento" before clicking the "Submit" button

Depending on the number of products you selected, the import can take some time, a message will let you know that the products have been successfully imported

In order to simplify the backend navigation, grid lines corresponding to imported products (state column = green circle) can be clicked to access the corresponding Magento product edit page

Order process

When a product is added to cart via the iframe, the module automatically creates the product corresponding to the selected options, that lets customers see which options they chose in the cart

It is important to note that Wall2time will receive the order only when the payment has been made, so when an invoice is created

Additional Information

Version 0.1.8
Release Notes 0.1.8

- Add mass action delete


- Bug fix in the stock management


- Minor bug fix in the configuration


- Compatibility with new Wall2time website


- Fix a bug regarding included/excluded tax product price


- Fix a bug regarding included/excluded tax product price

- Added a default RWD template


- Fix typo


- Support for multiple languages


- Compatibility with Magento


- Minor text changes


- Original release

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